Our Story

You ever have an idea that you think should be so simple and quick and it turns into a big thing but by then you’ve gone too far to turn back?  Yeah – that’s what happened here.  My mind is a five layered expressway full of ideas and good intentions.

Giving back, being useful, helping others, cooking, caring for friends and family are my favorite things.  I realized I wanted a healthy, cost effective, reusable food pouch that I could give to friends and family, sell to people for a really great price, and be able to feed my daughter great food that I made her.

So with a little direction from my husband, I set out to create a good looking pouch that could be reused or lost/tossed, and you wouldn’t be upset with your kiddo for losing something that cost a bundle.  Turns out the process was way longer than I thought and 1,000 times more frustrating.  To me it seemed simple, but apparently retooling a manufacturing line to make something that I could see clearly in my head wasn’t as cost effective, fast or desirable to large companies as I thought!

However with tons of encouragement from my hubby, best friend, and a lot of crazy lady talking out loud through scenarios with myself – it finally happened, and the Nourish Pouch came to be!

Now I’m hoping that your kiddos and family enjoy it and look forward to new Nourish products on the horizon!

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