• 2 for 1 Turkey Special

    Now that Thanksgiving is over and our family party accidentally ended up with FIVE turkeys for the party of 15 - I have been working on finding fun variations to make with our many blessings of much leftover turkey.  I love a chicken salad with some crackers and know that my teething son needs easy protein and good Omega fatty acids - and so this turkey avocado salad came to be!  So easy I could make 90% of it with one hand!! 


    You can use your ninja, vitamix, food processor, knife and cutting board to puree / chop this - I did chunky and then took 1/2 out and finished the rest with a fine puree for Maverick to eat  - thus the 2 for 1 Turkey Special!! 

     Trying out the new panoramic setting on the iPhone!


    Avocado Turkey Salad


    Take all ingredients - hand torn or very coarsely chopped and throw them into the food processor 

    Once all ingredients are added - pulse until you have the right consistency

    2 cups of turkey

    1/2 cup of mayonnaise 

    2 ripe avodcados

    1 stalk of celery or some grapes or some nuts - depends if you want crunch or not

    1/2 tsp of salt (or more to taste)

    1/2 tsp of pepper

    dash of garlic powder

    2 tsp of lemon juice


    Can add - cilantro, onions - whatever additional flavors you like! 


    Pulse all together and enjoy!!!  If it's a fine puree can be eaten in a pouch!! 



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