• Kale Go Bananas!

    Kale is an amazing “super ingredient” that is very popular right now but can be hard to use for kiddos. However I found out that it dehydrates really well in the oven and can be crumbled into almost anything!

    Full disclosure – it doesn’t really add taste when it’s dried but it does add a bit of a smell…..

    UPDATE – As I sit eating a huge bite of chocolate my inlays brought me from vacation –  I realized that dehydrated kale is crumbly but even small crumbles add texture because they rehydrate when introduced to the pumpkin and banana so I ground it up into a powder (I used a small mortar and pestle I had you can use your hands or a bowl and spoon and it took 3 minutes or less)  and now my kids might not get to eat it cause it tastes so good and not kaley at all!

    Kale Go Bananas 

    1 - 15 oz can of pumpkin or 1.5 cups of homemade pumpkin

    ~ 4 Bananas

    ~ 10 medium leaves of Kale

    1. Put pumpkin and bananas in food processer and blend until smooth - add water or other liquid to reach right consistency

    2. Place kale leaves in a single layer on cookie sheet and place in oven on lowest heat setting (mine is 170) and let dehydrate for 30-45 minutes - when leaves are crispy and break when touched you are done!

    3. Take leaves out and crumble into food processor - but don’t put the stems in

    4) Mix pumpkin, banana, and kale until smooth and then fill your pouches ;-)

    Makes at least 6 Nourish Food Pouches



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