• Pumpkin Pie in a Pouch

    With the beginning of fall (at least in Texas) and the holiday season – I wanted a fun recipe that my daughter and her friends could enjoy as a special treat without compromising on health and nutrition.  After doing some consultation with my amazing friends – we came up with the following recipe

    Pumpkin Pie in a Pouch

    1 small pie pumpkin

    2 pears

    2 small apples

    1 teaspoon pumpkin pie spice


    1) Clean pumpkin, cut in half, remove seeds and place in steamer for 15 minutes

    2) While pumpkin is steaming clean, peel and core apples and pears

    3) After 15 minutes add apples & pears to pumpkin and steam together for 15 minutes more or until soft

    4) Remove all ingredients from steamer, let cool a bit and then remove the steamed pumpkin from rind

    5) Put pumpkin, apples and pears in food processor, add pumpkin pie spice and mix until smooth 

    6) If you wish to sweeten add 1 tablespoon of packed brown sugar.

    Makes up to 24 pouches! 

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