• Just for Mommies!

    So I’ve alluded to the fact that these pouches could be used for nefarious purposes and provide mom with a special treat for those on the go occasions when you need a little something extra to help you get by – whether that’s iced tea or Mio Water (in my sad preggo state) or a margarita, pina-colada, or strawberry daiquiri (that I’m really craving).


    These pouches make taking these concoctions on the go easy, discrete and delicious.  For the 4th of July we went out on the boat and I knew I was going to need to keep cool and hydrated  - so I took 5 of chevron and filled them up with mango mint iced tea and 5 of polka dot and filled them with peach Mio Water – it was just like a Caprice Sun – but “free!” and reusable.


    Once I filled them up I put them in the freezer (don’t over fill or they’ll explode) – added bonus they acted like ice packs in my little cooler – and then all day I had quick, slushy cold treats ready to go!!

    It woulda been smart for me to get an action photo to show y’all but it was crazy and with my nephews (and sisters and brother-in-laws) running around – no one wanted to have their phone or camera out in case of accidental splashing/dropping/ lake water related electronic death….so trust me when I say they worked really well, I totally looked like a stylish beached whale sipping on my tea, and everyone was jealous.

    Now the disclaimers – they were great for me an adult – but might be harder for a kiddo not to spill…. if using for more nefarious purposes always be smart, safe, kind to the umpires, have someone to chauffeur you around and share!

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