• Lots of food - not a lot of pouches

    I find myself going on food making kicks – maybe strawberries were on sale and suddenly I’m making strawberry applesauce, strawberry yogurt, strawberries and sweet potatoes, plain old strawberries. Then I look at my kitchen and the war zone it has become and wonder Crap! where am I going to put all this – I don’t have any energy left to put it pouches, nor do I have enough pouches anyways. Then a brilliant idea struck me, if ice-cube trays were good enough for food storage before she got “all grown up”, I’m pretty sure they’ll do just fine now too, and they did!!!



    My little monkey see – monkey wanna wear my glasses!

    Sweet potatoes apparently taste much better than they photograph, and this whole ice-cube tray thing took about 5 minutes to do start to finish.

    So if you haven’t done it before or its been awhile, my sorta messy, quick method is this:

    1) Make some food kinda sorta like here:Nourish Ideas

    2) Then get out your ice cube trays


    3) Start spooning food into tray in big ol’ globs


    4) Fill the tray up and then tap it on the counter to work out any air bubbles


    5) Spoon off any extra food so you can kinda see the divisions 


    6) Put in freezer and freeze then crack them out, put in storage container, and back into freezer until your ready to thaw and serve!




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