• Gear Girl

    Gear Girl rated us most affordable out of all the pouches in all the world  & said we were cute – we’re still blushing!

    Check out their great review!


  • Amy (Yarmouth, Maine)

    Hi there – I bought your product after months of searching for a reusable pouch that would be both functional and fun to use. We are very happy with the Nourish pouches!! My eight year-old and my two year-old twins get super excited when they see I’ve packed pouches in their lunch boxes and I love that I can make a bunch of nutritional snacks ahead of time. The pouches freeze well and have held up well through a couple of hand-washings. 

    Thank you!

    Amy G from Yarmouth, Maine
    Mom to Sierra (13), Riley (8), Caleb & Evan (2)

  • Video Review

    We received our first video review from dianarazana and she said we’re affordable and stain resistant, as well as sturdy and leak proof and when you have boys that is important!


  • Stephany’s Sweet Life

    Stephany over at Stephany’s Sweet Life checked us out and found our pouches to be sturdy, easy to clean and withstood her 2 year old’s prying fingers.  Check out more here: http://stephanyssweetlife.wordpress.com/2014/03/15/nourish-review-and-giveaway/

  • Anne and Bethany

    Hi from Australia. I recently purchased these food pouches because I was trying to think of ways to get my 16 mth old baby girl to eat solids. This way I could give her control over eating without making too much of a mess. She hates texture and refuses to let me feed her with a spoon so I was running out of options.

    These pouches have changed everything. She now willingly accepts whatever I give in these pouches. They are easy to use and easy to clean.
    Also, because you can’t see through the pouches she can’t anticipate what food I’m giving her and refuse based on the look of it.

    She went for an appointment with a speech pathologist and occupational therapist and they thought this idea was genius! The main issue is getting the food in, we can worry about texture later.

    Obviously there are similar products out there but yours were the most affordable and simple design. Thank you so much.

    Anne and Bethany

  • Thrice The Spice

    As the oldest of 4 girls I knew that Becca at ThriceTheSpice.com would give our pouches a thorough review and she didn’t disappoint.  Guess what – she thinks they’re cute, affordable and work great with the Infantino system!


  • Overseeing The Care of My Household

    Joanna over at Overseeing The Care of My Household checked us out against the “competition” and gave us 4 outta 5 hearts! She does a great job reviewing based on the thickness of the purees and attachment compatibility.



  • Mamabelly

    Nina at Mamabelly.com makes her kids the cutest lunches ever and now we’re part of the package – check out her great review! "We love them! They are plain enough to send with your growing child but not as expensive as others so if one gets lost they are not irreplaceable. Thumbs up from our family!"


  • ecocentric mom

    ecocentric mom is an amazing service that focuses on healthy, natural, organic products – and they choice to feature our pouches in their August boxes!


  • Homegrown & Healthy

    Aubrey at Homegrown & Healthy said  ”You don’t need to be a baby to enjoy them. My middle schooler rocks these as well. And I do too. Because they’re convenient and easy and inexpensive and plain ol’ pretty.”  Check out more of her review below: http://homegrownandhealthy.com/the-grain-free-lunchbox-lets-start-the-year-off-right/


  • So Sew Mama

    So Sew Mama gave us a try and “sew” liked what she saw!

    “Well, you don’t HAVE to just fill them with pureed foods. Make a smoothie for the kiddos, freeze, and it will thaw out enough by lunch time! If you want to give them a special treat, you can even make them a shake! It’s a great way to liven up an ordinary lunch.”  Check out more of her review below:


  • Home on Deranged

    Melissa over at Home on Deranged checked us out for a week and gave her honest mom opinion:

    “You’ve probably seen the yogurt pouches or fruit/veggie pouches they sell at grocery stores and Walmart and Target. Although they are convenient, they’re also pricey. And there might be a few additives that you don’t want your kids to have.

    This is the solution to the problem! I am by no means handy in the kitchen, but even I figured out cool ways to use these without hurting myself or my appliances.”  Check out more of her review below:


  • Life We Love

    Chelsea at The Life we Love think's we're pretty special - but we're friends so she kinda has to! 

    “I always mix probiotics in Logan’s applesauce, so you could even do something like that and give it to your child in a pouch. You can put yogurt in here, puddling… the possibilities are really endless. And they’re REUSABLE.

    Green = Good. Elyse = Genius.”  Check out more of her review below:


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