• Reusable food pouches aren't just for kids....

    ..... they are for hardcore athletes too!! We found out thanks to our customer Ali that there is a whole market for them we never knew! Are you a athlete - let us help you!  

    Heres what Ali had to say. "You guys you guys you gu-hi-hiyyys! Because I can't have caffeine or citric acid, a lot of commercially prepared gels are out for me. Plus sometimes real whole food is just better. So while the gel flasks out there are a decent idea, they are heavy and bulky. On Etsy I found these cool flat REUSABLE WASHABLE pouchy things you can fill yourself with peanut butter/honey/pureed fruit/whatever... they are light and CHEEEEP! This marvelous gal has developed them after the baby food ones that you see at the store these days, but I think they are great for athletes too. Any ideas for how to break this KILLER product into the endurance market?"

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