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    Reusable pouches aren't just for kiddos anymore - with great smoothie recipes and more products on the market - mom and the big kids can get in on some pouch action too!  Make ahead for a easy morning. Here's a link to some great starter ideas so instead of a cup - just use a pouch! 

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    There is even free domestic shipping for up to 20 pouches!! 

    26 Super-Charged Healthy Smoothie Recipes

    Eating your fruits and veggies is way better when they taste like dessert.

    Smoothie Ideas

    Speaking of dessert - why not put some pudden' in those pouches and really surprise the kids - you can even hide some veggies in there with this delicious and sneaky recipe: 

    Hide-The-Veggies Chocolate Spinach Smoothie

    chocolate spinach smoothie

    And finally - if you think this shirt from Skreened.com is hilarious - than you might wanna check out our post on special recipes just for moms!

    Just for Mommies!

    i want to KI_ _ you shirt


    We would love to answer any questions you have - food is our passion and we want to inspire you!  

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