• Fingers Crossed for Shark Tank!

    On Saturday my partner and I went and pitched our business for Shark Tank auditions! 

    shark tank audition

    We love having you as customers and helping make your life easier and want to grow and help the environment and more mom's like you!! 

    Thank you for making Nourish great!  We had one minute to make our pitch and you can read it below - it helps explain our passion.

    thumbs up shark tank nourish with style reusable food pouch

    We have created a reusable food pouch for all walks and crawls of life with a bottom zip closure 

    for easy filling with anything from applesauce, homemade purees to yogurt - just as much fun as a shake weight and twice as easy.

    They are simple to fill, portable and a breeze to clean. Perfect for road trips, hiking, picnics & more;  because this product is designed to be portable, we have placed it at a price point that you can avoid throat punching someone if they get lost or thrown away and they are durable enough to go the distance with proper care and cleaning.

    The food industry is shifting towards flexible packaging and reusable segment is the next step in that shift. Our pouches have a positive impact on the environment and the ability to make life easier for anyone who eats - and thats why we are proud and excited to share them with you!




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