• Whole Health Caboodle Review with a Discount Code!

    Courtney at the website http://www.wholehealthcaboodle.com contacted us that she had been using our pouches for over a year and had written a review for us! Not only do the pouches withstand toddler scrutiny but they also are a great price.  She has AWESOME recipe ideas and a discount code for you!! Recipe ideas and full review here.

    Sqapple (Squash and apple)
    Peasy (Pears and Peas)
    Capple (Carrots and apple)
    Squeachy (Squash and Peaches)
    Sqare (Squash and Pears)
    Spapple (Sweet potato and apple)
    Spear (Sweet potato and pear)
    Bapple (Broccoli and Apple)
    Bacado (Banana and Avocado)- no cooking required just blend together with lemon juice and serve



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