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    We received our first international review and they liked us - we are simple and easy to use!! They also brought up a great point that sometimes presentation is everything.  If you serve the same yogurt in a special pouch - now it's a treat!  Plus they put several great recipe ideas for smoothies. Original link is below - rough translation provided below that.




    My child loves smoothies. I for two reasons also . Firstly, because I think they are also delicious for breakfast or as a sensible snack and because I know that he comes to his daily portion of fruit and / or vegetables. Because yes, eat vegetables is not always easy!
    I also give regular smoothie as 10 - hour . Also to school. That goes with this handy squeeze pouches very simple. The bags are reusable and easy to use. And home is an empty (apple) sapflesje with a nice straw also a party.

    My experience is that the smoothies for children even (without chunks), drink good (fluidity) and sweet should be enough. I make them fast and healthy sweeter by dates, add some dried apricots or honey. So he drinks even celery in his smoothie. Prefer not give honey to children under 1 year related botulism.
    Recipes smoothies for kids
    Fruit smoothies
    Actually, you can use any fruit. Add your frozen fruit smoothie to the remains cool for school. Frozen fruit you can buy in the supermarket, but also naturally make yourself. I stop to brown bananas from our fruit basket (which everyone at home still leaves behind us) peeled broken in half in a bag in the freezer. So I always have frozen banana at hand. And brown bananas contain lots of natural sugars.
    mango / apple
    1 mango
    1 apple
    dash (fresh) orange juice
    Mix fout with the orange juice in the blender. Your smoothie is too thick? Add some orange juice.
    raspberry / banana
    50 grams raspberries
    dash (fresh) orange juice
    possibly yogurt
    Mix fout with the orange juice in the blender. Your smoothie is too thick? Add some orange juice.
    Green Smoothies
    bok choy
    200g pak choi
    1 apple
    2 dried apricots
    Cut the bok choy and it was. Peel the apples, cut into quarters and remove the core. Add the bok choy, apple and dried apricots in a blender. Add water so you get a nice solid and liquid smoothie
    2 bananas
    1/2 head of lettuce
    Cut and wash the lettuce and put them together with the banana in the blender. Add here again water until the smoothie is smooth and liquid enough.
    2 stalks celery
    1 banana
    Two dates (pitted!)
    Remove the 'threads' of the celery stalks, wash them and cut in half. Stop this, along with the banana and dates in the blender. Add water until the smoothie is liquid enough.
    More delicious green smoothies recipes you can find for example in the book "70 green smoothies" Marjolijn van de Velde.
    TIP: The squeeze bags Cutest Lunch can also be used easily for yogurt. For example, my son is fond of the big squeeze dessert M. Mier Sweet and state so here as little as possible on the menu. We make home therefore regularly a "special party" squeeze dessert. Read: plain yogurt in a squeeze bag. Sometimes the emphasis is really just about how you offer it. ;)


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