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  • Life Hack - Save Money and Reduce Waste with DIY Baby Food and Reusable, Refillable Pouches by Nourish with Style

    We love BuzzFeed  - sometimes - and life hacks are pretty much always great if we can do them.  And this life hack is totally doable and will save time, money and frustration!  Nourish with Style's reusable, refillable pouches work great with Nuk Flexible Freezer Tray's and they have lids which are awesome - even better they sell them at Target!  

    NUK Flexible Freezer Tray & Lid

    Check out a easy guide to make and freeze your own baby food! As with all recipes, they are a framework and you can change ingredients and amounts based on your personal tastes and what you have on hand! 

    Life Hack - Save Money and Reduce Waste with DIY Baby Food and Reusable, Refillable Pouches by Nourish with Style

  • Featured Article in Voyager Dallas

    We are so excited to be highlighted this month in Voyage Dallas magazine.  The article outlines our growth and new product launch.  Please check it out!

  • Out of the box ideas 💫 with reusable food pouches 2.0 by Nourish with Style Reusable, Refillable Food Pouches

    Reusable pouches aren't just for kiddos anymore - with great smoothie recipes and more products on the market - mom and the big kids can get in on some pouch action too!  Make ahead for a easy morning. Here's a link to some great starter ideas so instead of a cup - just use a pouch! 

    Use Code: I-Can! to get 10% off  
    There is even free domestic shipping for up to 20 pouches!! 

    26 Super-Charged Healthy Smoothie Recipes

    Eating your fruits and veggies is way better when they taste like dessert.

    Smoothie Ideas

    Speaking of dessert - why not put some pudden' in those pouches and really surprise the kids - you can even hide some veggies in there with this delicious and sneaky recipe: 

    Hide-The-Veggies Chocolate Spinach Smoothie

    chocolate spinach smoothie

    And finally - if you think this shirt from is hilarious - than you might wanna check out our post on special recipes just for moms!

    Just for Mommies!

    i want to KI_ _ you shirt


    We would love to answer any questions you have - food is our passion and we want to inspire you!  

    Elyse McNabb | CEO

  • Reenergize your baby food routine this fall 💪💪with Nourish with Style Reusable, Refillable Food Pouches

    Let us inspire you!

    Baby food doesn't have to be hard! Planning and making baby food seems daunting at times and just buying premade store, bought food seems like a easy out.  While appropriate at times - with a little inspiration you can make loads of ready to go baby food at home for pennies on the dollar.  


    If you love beautiful pictures and easy recipes - then Michelle with is your gal!! 

    Need help on finding age appropriate foods, and love the science behind the WHY something is suggested - then the amazing ladies at have you covered.


    Do you do better with videos and step by step guide? Then c4cooking on YouTube is perfect! She has great recipes and easy to follow videos.

    Do you wan the absolute easiest way to save money and serve homemade baby food?  Buy a huge jar of apple sauce or yogurt and fill your pouches yourself.  Saves tons of money and is so much more environmentally friendly! Nourish with Style has lots of recipe hacks on the site here.

    We would love to answer any questions you have - food is our passion and we want to inspire you!  
    Elyse McNabb | CEO

    Use Code: I-Can! to get 10% off  
    There is even free domestic shipping for up to 20 pouches!! 
  • Store bought food is affordable and can be healthy too with Nourish with Style reusable, refillable food pouch!!

    I have been running Nourish with Style for over 4 years, and now my sisters are starting to have babies and are able to use my products.  It's so wonderful seeing firsthand how pouches can make life easier for busy mom's and hungry kiddos!  

    My youngest sister remarked that buying pre-made food was so much easier than making it, and I agree but did have a few tips for her to help stretch her dollar and not spend a ton of time in the kitchen.  

    Store bought baby food is affordable and can be extra healthy too with Nourish with Style reusable, refillable food pouch!!

    My easiest baby food hack is a jar of apple sauce and a bag of spinach! Throw them in the blender and you have a whole bunch of healthy ready to go apple sauce with a kick! 



  • I'm Not a "Crunchy" Mom Anymore - How one mom gave herself grace and found peace

    Kylie at wrote an amazing article about how we try so hard an sometimes our paradigm shifts and we realize we had room to give ourselves grace after all.  There are all sorts of crunchy things I like.  For instance oils from PlantTherapy are my favorite first line of defense, and a good smoothie with spinach hidden never hurt anyone, but sometimes we just have to have taquitos for lunch with some no real fruit included fruit drink. 

    Love her words: "I’m not 100% organic. In fact, I’m not 100% anything anymore. It’s just not possible to raise two tiny humans and have a healthy marriage and a fulfilling social life and a rich spiritual existence and be physically fit and start a career and be perfect at it. “There is no way to be a perfect mother, but a million ways to be a good one.”

    Keep them healthy. Keep them safe. Keep them clean. Keep them loved.

    And most of all, let go of the guilt you have for not fitting into a preconceived idea of how you “should” be. Be the best mother you can be for your children. Full stop. "

    Check out the full article here:

  • Nourish with Style helps combat environmental damage with reusable food pouches

    The food industry is always coming up with new ideas and starting around 2012 baby food began to come in convenient pouches.  However, as with many conveniences, there is a huge environmental downside. reports that “The problem with the disposable pouches is that they’re made from multiple layers of materials and the reGetty Imagescyclable components can’t be separated out,” Brent Bell, vice president of recycling at Waste Management, told HuffPost.   So these pouches soon pile up in landfills, where they will take thousands of years to biodegrade. By 2018, Americans will throw out an estimated 80 billion of these packs a year. reports that “There are some benefits to the baby food pouches. They reduce food waste and are made with fewer raw materials, which is a longer term benefit when it comes to sustainable eating.

    But overall, it's just like using a plastic grocery store bag every time you hand your child a snack. Which might just have to be done sometimes — parenting comes with lots of compromises and choices. But if you're worried about the trash crisis, going back to glass jars or actually reusing your pouches is the reusable food pouchesway to go.”

    Nourish with Style is so excited to report that we don’t have foil lined pouches which make them easy to recycle - and did we also mention they are reusable??! A single family can save up to $30 a week on baby food pouches as well as keeping over 20 pouches out of the landfill - just by buying a pack of 10 and filling them at home! Nourish with Style Reusable Food Pouches  - Good for your budget and good for the environment - buy some today and start saving the planet! 

  • Summertime Pouch Madness with Nourish with Style Reusable Food Pouches

    Summertime is just around the corner - filled with road trips, parks, beaches, hikes and long days! Use Nourish with Style pouches to help stave off the grumpies!
    I find in the summertime I get so tired of creating breakfast, lunch and dinner ideas and get burned out on thinking! Below are a few of my favorite links with great ideas for baby food recipes and meals!
    Of course we have great ideas here too at Nourish ;o) 
    baby food ideas by
    The mom's at Wholesome Baby Food have saved me time and time again with AMAZING information and nutrition info - love their ideas! 
    If you like food that tastes good and photographs beautifully, Michelle at Babyfoode is your gal!! These colors are gorgeous enough for me to try and eat! 
  • Philly Burb Moms review Reusable Food Pouches and More!

    Emily at Montgomery County Moms is a Easter genius and come up with a load of Non-Candy Easter Basket Stuffers - with Nourish Pouches among the ideas! 

    She has a fun review and knows Sam's Club sized applesauce is better than individual pouches!

    Nourish Pouch review by 

    "You can pack a whopping 5 ounces of pureed goodness into a single pouch, which is two whole servings of fruits and vegetables! That’s just as awesome as M&Ms, right?" 

    Check out the whole review on her site - 

  • Reusable food pouches aren't just for kids....

    ..... they are for hardcore athletes too!! We found out thanks to our customer Ali that there is a whole market for them we never knew! Are you a athlete - let us help you!  

    Heres what Ali had to say. "You guys you guys you gu-hi-hiyyys! Because I can't have caffeine or citric acid, a lot of commercially prepared gels are out for me. Plus sometimes real whole food is just better. So while the gel flasks out there are a decent idea, they are heavy and bulky. On Etsy I found these cool flat REUSABLE WASHABLE pouchy things you can fill yourself with peanut butter/honey/pureed fruit/whatever... they are light and CHEEEEP! This marvelous gal has developed them after the baby food ones that you see at the store these days, but I think they are great for athletes too. Any ideas for how to break this KILLER product into the endurance market?"

    reusable food pouch refillable food pouch baby food pouch

  • Mom's new best friend - reusable food pouches!

    Great life hacks with reusable food pouches by Nourish with Style
  • #TBT Butternut Squash

    You know how the Halloween season spirals into crazy, awesome, busy family time and eating way too much? Well we've missed you and I found this picture of Maverick from like 2 years ago - miss this sweet squish!! One of his favorite things to eat was butternut squash.  

    It can be a pain the the tuchus to peel and dice a squash so I just started cutting in half, scrapping the seeds out and putting it in the oven at 350 degrees for about 45 minutes and it comes out soft and ready to mash!

    You can serve it straight up or mix it with yogurt or rice cereal or so much more! Enjoy!! 


    Butternut Squash Recipe

  • Favorite Fall things - Orange Creamsicle!

    Fall has finally arrived in Texas!! And with it a new sense of needing delicious, warm comforting food that the whole family can enjoy.  This year I've been on a bit of a journey to let go of the desire for perfection and have started lightening up a bit on strict "must always be 100% healthy".  This orange creamsicle smoothie is just the ticket!

    Orange essential oil is my fall go to and this smoothie is delicious!! Enjoy this recipe from Sally's Baking Addition

    1. You can even add in kale, spinach or a protein powder for extra punch! Orange Creamsicle Smoothie


    • 1 frozen ripe banana, previously peeled & sliced
    • 2 teaspoons vanilla extract
    • 1/2 cup orange juice
    • 3/4 cup vanilla Greek yogurt
    • 1 orange, peeled and sliced
    • optional: 2 teaspoons orange zest


    1. Make sure you have a strong, powerful blender to break down the frozen banana and orange. I like this Ninja or this Vitamix.
    2. On high, blend the frozen banana chunks, vanilla, and orange juice together until thick, creamy, and smooth - about 3 minutes. Scrape down the sides of the blender as needed. Add the yogurt, orange, and orange zest (if using). Blend until combined.



  • Winning Marketing Strategy in 4 easy steps

    Ever been curious how to build a winning marketing strategy? Check out the article I wrote for - it has fairy godmothers in it!                             …/

  • Cute and Convenient

    We were honored to partner with the entrepreneur group Women Who Wow for an event and they liked us so much their very own Michelle Pippen reviewed us! She said we were cute and convenient which is our whole goal - to make your life easier!! Check it out here 


  • Big Baby Bash review from Austin, Texas

    The brilliant Adriana from attended the Big Baby Bash held for it's second grand slam event in Austin, Texas and posted a great review of some of her favorite companies she met with, including a review of us! Check it out here! And how cute is her son!! 

    "Not only is the cost really affordable but they’re reusable, easy to fill, and the perfect size for Jack. I also love that she’s local. You all know how much I love to support the locals! Here’s a picture of Jack’s happy face enjoying a green smoothie in one of her fashionable pouches."


  • Instagram Giveaway!

    We found out Landry's Lunches is using and loving our products so we partnered with them for a giveaway! Check her out at 

    instagram lunch reusable food pouch

    Back in business today and I have something cool to show you!! Landry's lunch today includes some "fire chips," (spicy nacho Doritos are Landry's favorite) a peanut butter sandwich, orange slices, smoked sausage, skittles, and some HOMEMADE applesauce in our NEW @nourishwithstyle reusable food pouch. This is the first time we are using it but I can already tell you, I love it!! Landry was excited to eat what was inside and I can see me hiding some very nutritious stuff in there and she will be none the wiser.

  • Fight childhood cancer with Barrel On & The Young and the Brave!

    The Nourish team is excited to announce a new sales partner Barrel On that donates 50% of revenue to The Young and the Brave a 501c3 foundation to battle childhood cancer - their goal is LOVE!  Any purchase you make of Nourish pouches from their site will automatically donate and help fight childhood cancer!  Like Barrel On says - 

    Buy Things You Love While Unlocking Money For Charity!


  • Fingers Crossed for Shark Tank!

    On Saturday my partner and I went and pitched our business for Shark Tank auditions! 

    shark tank audition

    We love having you as customers and helping make your life easier and want to grow and help the environment and more mom's like you!! 

    Thank you for making Nourish great!  We had one minute to make our pitch and you can read it below - it helps explain our passion.

    thumbs up shark tank nourish with style reusable food pouch

    We have created a reusable food pouch for all walks and crawls of life with a bottom zip closure 

    for easy filling with anything from applesauce, homemade purees to yogurt - just as much fun as a shake weight and twice as easy.

    They are simple to fill, portable and a breeze to clean. Perfect for road trips, hiking, picnics & more;  because this product is designed to be portable, we have placed it at a price point that you can avoid throat punching someone if they get lost or thrown away and they are durable enough to go the distance with proper care and cleaning.

    The food industry is shifting towards flexible packaging and reusable segment is the next step in that shift. Our pouches have a positive impact on the environment and the ability to make life easier for anyone who eats - and thats why we are proud and excited to share them with you!




  • Entrepreneurs Reveal What Entrepreneurship Means to Them

    Recently we had a chance to talk about what this company and journey with y'all means to us over at Hearprenuer on CEO Blog Nation:

    A Journey

    Photo Credit : Elyse McNabb

    Photo Credit : Elyse McNabb

    To me being an entrepreneur meant dreaming of a product, creating it and selling it. I thought that the journey to accomplish those three simple steps would be easy, but I was wrong. This journey of entrepreneurship has stretched me, grown me and taught me more than I ever could have imagined and I’m sure that there are still a lifetime of lessons left to be learned as I continue down this path. Entrepreneur means to me a lifetime of learning and growing to create the best product and customer experience I can provide.


  • Nourish Valentines Day Feature

    Nourish with Style was recently featured in a article "Experts weigh In: What do you love about your business?" on the MyCorporation site

    “I love my business, Nourish with Style Reusable Food Pouch, because it allows me to make a positive impact on the environment, helps makes mom’s lives easier, and allows me to spend time raising my kiddos and being involved in their lives. It is a special business to me and has allowed for so much charitable work and positive impact!” –Elyse McNabb, Nourish With Style 

    You can check out the full post here:…/experts-weigh-in-why-do-i-…/

  • New Twist on Applesauce from BabyFoode

    Michele at BabyFoode is a creative master at food ideas - I never would have thought of carrots with applesauce - I'm usually trying to hide more nefarious ingredients like spinach or broccoli, but she nails the yummy and healthy quotient right on the head! Mixed with a little dramatic and great taste in pouches - we love her!! 

    Check out the full blog here:


  • Nourish featured on Business News Daily!

    Nourish with Style was just featured on Business News Daily for a series on Small Business Snapshots!! 


    We make blue chevron look so good! 

    Nourish with Style on Business News Daily reusable food pouches

  • We finally joined the 21st century and have a Instagram account!

    Nourish has finally joined the digital age and we have an Instagram account - we would love to see all your pictures, recipes and ideas! 
    @nourishwithstyle #nourishwithstyle 

    We look forward to seeing you!!

    #shopnow for @nourishwithstyle #reusablefoodpouch ! #dontmissout #babyfoodpouch #freeshipping

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  • Buying on Facebook

    buying nourish reusable pouches on Facebook
    We are proud of our Nourish site and love being able to offer free shipping and superior customer service, but if you love Facebook even more - did you know that you can shop there too?!!! 

    We were able to talk with American Express Small Business about the platform and our new launch! 


    You can check out the full article here:


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