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Nourish with Style reusable food pouch has a resealable bottom zip closure - makes filling & cleaning easy. Fun patterns, BPA free, and durable! PATENT D786,693

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  • Nourish with Style helps combat environmental damage with reusable food pouches

    The food industry is always coming up with new ideas and starting around 2012 baby food began to come in convenient pouches.  However, as with many conveniences, there is a huge environmental downside.  good.is reports that “The problem with the disposable pouches is that they’re made from multiple layers of materials and the reGetty Imagescyclable components can’t be separated out,” Brent Bell, vice president of recycling at Waste Management, told HuffPost.   So these pouches soon pile up in landfills, where they will take thousands of years to biodegrade. By 2018, Americans will throw out an estimated 80 billion of these packs a year. 

    romper.com reports that “There are some benefits to the baby food pouches. They reduce food waste and are made with fewer raw materials, which is a longer term benefit when it comes to sustainable eating.

    But overall, it's just like using a plastic grocery store bag every time you hand your child a snack. Which might just have to be done sometimes — parenting comes with lots of compromises and choices. But if you're worried about the trash crisis, going back to glass jars or actually reusing your pouches is the reusable food pouchesway to go.”

    Nourish with Style is so excited to report that we don’t have foil lined pouches which make them easy to recycle - and did we also mention they are reusable??! A single family can save up to $30 a week on baby food pouches as well as keeping over 20 pouches out of the landfill - just by buying a pack of 10 and filling them at home! Nourish with Style Reusable Food Pouches  - Good for your budget and good for the environment - buy some today and start saving the planet! 

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